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Why can't I find my purchase?

If you purchased a VoiceMap tour but can't see it in your library, try these solutions

To confirm that the tour hasn’t been added to your library, do the following:

On the web, you can access it online here. To find this purchase in the app, make sure you're signed into the app using the same email address used when purchasing the tour, you should see it under "Ready to Download." 

 You can confirm the email address connected to your library by going to Settings in the app. 

If you purchased a tour via the app, it should automatically appear under "Ready to Download," and you’ll be prompted to download it.

If you can't see your tour in any of these places, it may not have been linked to your VoiceMap library. This is usually due to one of the three problems listed below.

1. You've used "Sign in with Apple" on one device and not the other

This is most likely if you purchased a tour through voicemap.me and created a new account with "Sign in with Apple" in the process of doing so.

When you use "Sign in with Apple", the default option is normally to hide your email address. Apple does this by giving us a so-called "relay" email address instead of your actual email address. But if you then install the VoiceMap app, to use the same tour there, only this time you create an account using Facebook or an email and password combination, we can't link the new account to the purchase made on the website. 

Make sure you use the same method to sign into both the VoiceMap website and VoiceMap apps. If you've used different methods on different devices, sign out and then sign in again using the account you used to make the purchase.

You can check what email you've used to sign into the app by selecting either Account or Settings from the menu, depending on what version of the app you are using. You can check the same thing on the VoiceMap website by going to this link. "Sign in with Apple" email addresses end with @privaterelay.appleid.com. 

You can easily change the email address linked to your VoiceMap account and reset the password used to protect your account.

2. You purchased the tour through a reseller but you haven't redeemed it yet using your tour's voucher code

When you purchase a tour through a reseller like Viator, TripAdvisor, Booking.com or GetYourGuide,  you need to create a VoiceMap account and then redeem the tour using a voucher code or your booking reference with the reseller. Your account with the reseller and with VoiceMap aren't linked, and resellers don't share your email address with us, so you need to do this even if you use the same email address for VoiceMap that you used on the reseller's site. 

3. Your in-app purchase failed

Occasionally a payment made using in-app purchase through the Apple App Store or Google Play is not validated by our servers. This typically happens because of connection problems over public WiFi or patchy network reception.

If you are charged by Apple or Google but the tour you purchased is not showing under Ready to Download in the VoiceMap app, then please send a copy of your receipt to support@voicemap.me along with the name of the tour you purchased. We'll add the tour to your library manually ASAP. During European business hours, we reply in minutes. Outside of working hours, we might take longer – but you won’t wait more than 12 hours for a response.