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Why are tours in the app more expensive than they are at voicemap.me?

Taxes sometimes result in the same tour costing different prices in our app, on our website and in different currencies

If you're purchasing a tour in the VoiceMap app, the currency localises based on the payment method you have added to Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you've added a UK credit card, for example, you'll see prices in GBP.  But at voicemap.me, we use your location to set the currency and you can change this in the dropdown menu. 

When you make an in-app purchase, Google or Apple are the merchants of record, and they add VAT and sales taxes to the tour prices you see on our website. VoiceMap does need to pay the same taxes because it is a much smaller company.  Taxes are also different from one jurisdiction to the next and, as a result, the in-app prices in different currencies are affected by more than just the exchange rate. This is especially noticeable in Europe, where taxes are high and VAT means you don't see the tax as a separate line item.
Depending on where you are, you can save money by buying tours at voicemap.me. You can then access these by signing into the app with the same account you used to make the purchase.