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Can we use multiple Bluetooth headphones with one tour?

Connecting to a VoiceMap tour on one device with multiple listeners.

When you purchase and download a tour, it's intended to be listened to only with your account on your device. Tours aren't really intended to be shared across more than one device. They're not like a subscription with family sharing. They're a once-off experience, similar to a group tour, with a guide, and group tours typically charge for each person joining the group. Plus our tours already offer a significant saving on group tours. But in addition to that, tour publishers earn royalties on every copy sold, and your support helps them publish more tours.
That said, if you open the VoiceMap app and go to Tour Codes, in the menu at the bottom of your screen, you'll find a code you can share with friends and family to give them their first tour for free. If they use your code, you also get a free tour.