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Does my purchase include entry to any attractions?

Tours do not include entry to any museums, sites or other attractions mentioned on the tour or where the tour is based.

Whether you bought your VoiceMap tour through a reseller – including Viator, Tripadvisor and GetYourGuide –  or directly from VoiceMap, entry to places like attractions, museums and historical sites are not included even if they're mentioned on the tour. In most cases, information on where to purchase tickets is included within the audio narrative.

This is still the case even if the tour takes place completely within a historical site like Mont Saint Michel, the Roman Forum or the Dubrovnik City Walls. For tours like these, information on where to purchase entry tickets is included on the tour's cover page. 

While our tours are published by local journalists, filmmakers, historians and tour guides in over 300 destinations, we don’t always know about price increases or changes in where to purchase entry tickets. This is hardly ever a problem, but if it becomes one for you, you may request a refund from us.