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Can I start my tour anywhere?

Most VoiceMap tours follow a set route, with a dedicated start and end point.

Almost all of VoiceMap's tours have a set starting point, follow a specific route and end at a specific point. In most cases, the route the tour follows helps to build that narrative which is why we recommend starting the tour in the right place at the start location and using the Start Tour button.

First time starting a tour

If you're starting your tour for the first time, please start it at the tour's dedicated starting point. If you don't, not only will you miss important information but you risk the chance of messing up the tour's sequence. This can lead to an unsatisfactory experience.

Restarting the tour from your nearest location

If you stopped the tour along the way for a break or to visit an attraction mentioned en route, then you can use the Resume button to pick up where you left off. When you select Resume you'll be shown a list of the three closest locations to where you are. Click on the location you want to start from, and the tour will resume from there. 

Tours without a set route

A small percentage of VoiceMap tours don't follow a set route and can therefore be started at any point within a designated zone. You'll know if a tour can be started anywhere as this information will be listed on the tour's cover page, usually in the description and in the directions to the starting point.